Beyond Certification

Theme 2: Public – Private

Interactions between public and private governance approaches

A defining feature of many Beyond Certification initiatives is an objective to significantly deepen collaboration between market and state actors in support of shared sustainability goals. If such initiatives are to achieve their objectives of facilitating and accelerating transitions towards more sustainable commodity production models at sectoral, landscape or jurisdictional scales, strong collaboration between public and private actors is essential. Such collaboration can take varied forms, ranging from highly formalised multi-stakeholder governance arrangements to looser patterns of coordination through which government policymaking and development planning processes interact with market-based initiatives.

Yet achieving productive forms of collaboration and interaction demands not only advanced leadership and coordination capabilities, but also the capacity to navigate and mediate between conflicting interests and motivations of the diverse state and non-state stakeholders who participate in scaled-up sustainable commodity governance processes.

We explore these opportunities and challenges via our thematic focus on interactions between market and state actors and interventions.

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